Rite of Anointment

©1985 Rosamonde Miller
(Gnostic Sanctuary Healing Service for use following the Eucharist)


P: Let us pray:
O Great Purifier, Thou Who reignest in the world of Briah,
Thou Lord of Fire, Thou who art like unto the Father.

Unknown Origin, whom we affectionately call Abba,
Thou art the order of the universe.
Thou art the manifest and the unmanifest.
By Thy hands is the structure of the universe formed.

Beloved Logos, Thou art the wondrous First Mystery.
Thou art the living bridge.
By Thy Hands is the Father made known to us.

Holy Sophia, to Thee no sacrifice hast been too great,
no matter too dense, no heart too far from the Father.
Thou art the Shining Grace.
Thou art the Mother of Compassion.
By Thy Hands are life and comfort bestowed to all creatures.


All: O Divine Origin of All, our pieces have been scattered abroad in this aeon, but there is no place empty of Thee. Thou reignest beyond the farthest corner of the farthest universe. Our fears, our guilts, our prejudices — all of the snares of the archons of this world which keep us apart — we lay upon the altar of the Logos and Sophia, who have come from Thee, and light the way of our return.


P: May the mantle of the Great Lady whose texture is the Fabric and Order of the Universe enfold you and protect you. May you always be nestled in Her warmth. Amen.


All: O Holy and Beloved Being, Thou Who dwellest in the Fullness, through Thy beloved son, the Divine Bridegroom, is Thy light carried from beyond the stars and, through Thy most holy Sophia, are thy graces spread unto the end of the world.

Thou who sent forth Thy beloved First Mystery, whose touch restored the sight of Her who came forth from Thy Presence so that we may know from whence we have come, we call upon Thee. Amen.

P: Send forth Thy holy angels so that these Thy creatures who come seeking Thee may know Thy healing touch of restoration and the grace and comfort of the most holy Sophia.

O most holy Sophia, I invoke Thee in the name of Thy beloved Bridegroom to gather together the pieces of these supplicants, as Thou didst gather the pieces of Osiris when Thou wert called Isis and didst make Thy beloved One.

Make one again the parts of these beings and ignite them with Thy divine Spark. Liberate the fire from the husks of these fractions of God rendered blind and forgetful by density and time.

Remake these expressions of the Most High into the image of their perfect archetype, hidden since the beginning within the heart of the Most Holy Presence. We ask that this be done not according to my will, but according to the laws of the Order of the Fabric of the Universe.

Unto Thee, O Light, I lift up my heart. By the wings of Thy holy Ones: It soars in the Heavens. In this service, which we perform in Thy most holy name, my heart is Thy Heart and my hands are Thy Hands. AMEN.


Invitation to the people to come forward

You who desire to receive the Sacrament of Anointment please come forward:

(This line is said for the first person only: In the fullness of the healing powers conferred upon me as an initiate of the order of healer AND...)

Extending hands over the head of the supplicant:
In the name of the Logos, Diving Bridegroom and His Divine Consort the Holy Spirit, I reach forth with my hands into the depths of the Abyss and call forth from you, N___, all confusion and chaos that may torment your body, mind, and soul.
Taking holy oils and anointing, say:
In the name of the Unknown Father of all, and of His Son, Who bridges the worlds, and of the Holy Spirit, revealer of the mysteries concealed, I anoint you with holy oil, (top of the head, forehead, throat and nape of the neck) that you may be refreshed in body and soul. (Priest places stole upon the right shoulder and both hands on shoulders of supplicant.)
P: Rise and go in Peace.


Invitation to Communion
If any of you did not take communion during the Eucharist and desire to do so now, please come forward and receive the Most Holy Mystery of Completion.


Extending hands over all:
What at this moment has been accomplished may your devotion and surrender to the Most High complete and preserve.


May the Heavenly Graces bestowed by the Holy Sophia, and the touch of that Great Mystery which links you to the heart of God, remain alive within you; May the Divine Sparks of Light be liberated in you; And may the Joy of the Heavens resound throughout the worlds. AMEN. AMEN. AMEN!!!

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